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Obtaining the second rank of Sharia compliance and standards among private hospitals in Fars province

10/18/1401 14:08

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On the 5th day of January 1401, a meeting was held with the presence of the President of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, deputy and senior administrators of the university, managers of provincial hospitals and law enforcement officials in the university's sub-branches, in the Aburihan hall of the cultural, welfare and sports complex of the province of the university of sciences. Medicine and health care services of Shiraz were held.

Mr. Dr. Seyyed Vahid Hosseini, President of the University of Medical Sciences, while presenting the certificate of appreciation and the second rank statue in matters of Sharia compliance and standards to Alavi Hospital, appreciated the efforts of this center in paying attention to the quality of services and improving the processes.

In this meeting, Mr. Dr. Seyed Ruholah Hosseini, the advisor to the president of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and the head of the university's rectorship in the field of "the importance of protecting the privacy of patients and preserving Islamic affairs in hospitals"; Mr. Dr. "Mohammad Hossein Anbardar", the cultural and student vice-chancellor of the university in the field of "compliance law, cultural affairs and hijab and chastity in hospitals"; Mr. Dr. "Syed Abolfazl Hashemi Asal" Vice President of University Management and Resource Development in the field of "Managers' role in complying with the compliance law"; Mrs. "Razieh Rasakh", director of nursing at the university, in the field of "nursing managers and compliance law" and Mrs. Dr. "Razieh Al-Sadat Mousavi", head of the hospital supervision and accreditation department of the university's medical vice-chancellor, presented materials to the attendees in the field of "compliance law in " .accreditation