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Carrying out the fifth round of comprehensive accreditation of Alavi Hospital by national evaluators on 21/12/2022to 22/12/2022

10/14/1401 09:10

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During Wednesday and Thursday, December 31st and January 1st, 1401, the accreditation evaluation team of the Ministry of Health and Medicine consisted of Mr. Dr. Haj, senior clinical assessor and Ms. Hajizadeh, management assessor from Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Mr. Engineer Karmi, environmental health assessor, Alavi Hospital. were evaluated based on the comprehensive criteria of the fifth round of accreditation, by observing, interviewing and reviewing documents.
A comprehensive evaluation was conducted according to the announced standards of the fifth round of accreditation, focusing on the standards of management and leadership, care and treatment, and the salary of the service recipient, and all the weaknesses and strengths of the hospital were examined.
In the opening session of this assessment, the management and leadership team consisting of Dr. Mehrnoosh Manbati, CEO of the hospital, Dr. Mohammad Afrid, CEO's consultant, Dr. Roshanak Moghdisi, Technical/Safety Manager, Ms. Jamila Rastgo, Internal Manager, Ms. Zahra Nazimi, Quality Improvement Manager, Mr. Alireza Ghorbani, Nursing Manager, Mrs. Razieh Ghorbani, safety expert, Mr. Noori, representative of social security insurance, and other Alavi hospital officials were present. According to the evaluators, the presence of the senior management team was considered as one of the strengths of Alavi Hospital and represents the commitment, responsibility and accountability of this team towards the accreditation process.
Reconstruction of inpatient departments, institutionalization and systematicity of the accreditation process, complete preparation of the hospital to face possible crises, institutionalization of patient safety principles, preparation and mastery of the staff to accreditation criteria, examination of the hospital's efficiency and efficiency indicators and the formation of all Hospital committees and walk rounds with the presence of senior management were highlighted as strengths of Alavi Hospital.
The evaluation of different departments and units of the Alavi Hospital lasted until 16:30 on Thursday, and at the end of the evaluation team, they appreciated the efforts of the officials and staff of the Alavi Hospital in order to continuously improve the quality of services.