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Setting up a booth in the first exhibition of health services, treatment and health tourism

09/09/1401 13:02

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Establishment of Alavi Hospital's booth in the first exhibition of health services, treatment and health tourism from November 23 to 26,

The first specialized exhibition of medical, therapeutic, health and health tourism services in the center of Fars province as the health center of the country in order to introduce medical, therapeutic and health services, promote healthy nutrition and introduce health-oriented products, familiarize with the latest scientific achievements and technologies Modern medicine, expansion and culturalization of traditional Iranian and Islamic medicine and development of health tourism were among the axes of this international exhibition.
Also, the special visit of health tourism activists in order to take advantage of this exhibition and raise the level of awareness regarding the methods of cooperation with the health provider community in this event was unique.
With the efforts of the CEO and consultant of the hospital's board of directors, Alavi Hospital's booth was set up in this exhibition, which witnessed the magnificent reception of the visitors. During the 4 days of the exhibition, delegations from the countries of Uzbekistan, Syria and Afghanistan visited the hospital's booth and negotiations were held regarding the attraction of international patients. Honorable representatives from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences also visited this booth. In order to have more interactions with the medical equipment/hospital consumables and pharmaceutical industries and laboratory equipment companies, the representatives of the companies introduced their new products and technologies to the hospital by presenting catalogs.
The respected CEO of Fars International Exhibitions thanked and appreciated the exhibitors by awarding the exhibition certificate to the head of the hospital.